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Felco C9 Industrial Steel Cable Cutter

Felco C9 Industrial Steel Cable Cutter


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Felco's two-handed cable cutters are exceptionally durable, powerful tools that make clean, precise cuts every time. The C9 cutter is Felco's smallest two-handed model. This steel cable cutter features lightweight, unbreakable forged aluminum handles with lifetime guarantee and comfortable plastic coating, hardened steel blades and fastenings for cutting the strongest cables, and innovative triangular cutting system that avoids damaging strands while progressively cutting cable wires. Felco's modern design eliminates the need to tie cables before cutting for increased efficiency and reduced effort. These cutters are ergonomically designed with easily accessible cutting adjustment, helpful lever effect, and extraordinary lightness for exceptional comfort and worker safety. For long term dependability, parts subject to wear and tear are easily replaced. Made in Switzerland by Felco. Weight 750g/26.5oz Length 325mm/12.8in. Cutting Capacity 9mm/0.35in.

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