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Felco 6 Ergonomic Compact Bypass Pruner F6

Felco 6 Ergonomic Compact Bypass Pruner F6


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The Felco 6 Ergonomic Compact Pruner is a high performance model specially designed for increased comfort and efficiency while providing the same clean, precise pruning ability of other shears in the Felco line. Ergonomic design prevents tendonitis (RSI) and reduces physical effort, enhancing comfort and ease of use. Features include lightweight handles made of forged aluminum with nonslip coating and lifetime guarantee, hardened steel blade and anvil blade, wire cutting notch for damage free cutting of small wires, sap groove for clean, easy cutting of sticky wood, and micrometric adjustment system for optimal cutting head adjustment. Ergonomically designed angled cutting head and shock absorption system reduce risk of injury and further enhance worker comfort and efficiency. All parts can be replaced in this durable, dependable Felco model. Made in Switzerland by Felco. Weight 210g/7.4oz Length 195mm/7.7in Cutting Capacity 20mm/0.8in Hand Size Medium

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