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Felco 22 Lopper 33.1 in F-22

Felco 22 Lopper 33.1 in F-22


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Felco 22 loppers are durable two-handed pruning shears ideal for easily cutting trees, bushes, and vines with their powerful lever arm. These heavy duty bypass-cut pruners are the largest of the Felco 20 series models, well equipped for nearly all pruning challenges. Forged aluminum handles with non-slip coating and lifetime guarantee, hardened steel blade and screw mounted anvil blade, and micrometric adjustment system combine dependable quality with exceptional performance. The straight cutting head and wide blade opening provide meticulous results on even the most demanding work. Ergonomically designed shock absorbers support wrists and arms for reduced risk of injury and long working hours. All parts are easily replaced for long term reliability. Made in Switzerland by Felco.
Weight 1980g/69.8oz
Length 840mm/33.1in
Cutting Capacity 45mm/1.8in.

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